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Has the ship sailed on channel marketing?

I’ve been thinking recently, why does there seem to be a difference between channel marketing and ‘other’ marketing? Is the channel being left behind in terms of innovation and dare I say ‘coolness’? I think it is but I see no reason why this should be the case.


What gives the channel this perception of being the uncool cousin of the marketing cool kids?


There are often numerous levels through which channel marketing must filter: vendor > distributor > partner > end user. And it can get even more complicated when things like language variables, localization and tiered partner grading present themselves.


But this just means more planning and a few more operational intricacies. It doesn’t mean we can’t be cool does it? Why not do something different, alternative or that adds to the core, more traditional, necessary activities involved in regular channel marketing?


There is nothing wrong with being creative in your channel marketing.  And make sure your agency is keeping you up to date with the latest movements in marketing. Why stagnate and do what you have always done? There is a lot happening out there, so get involved!


For example, we know more and more people are living and working mobile lives. Mobility can be just as vibrant in the channel as it is anywhere else. The channel does not have to be exempt from a piece of this action. Bring mobility into your channel marketing by combining it with your core activities: email structure and content, quick links, QR code linking, augmented reality, apps, product mapping, location services, GPS, instant messaging, social media are all things that can be done in the channel, to and through your partners. These can help turn your marketing into something amazing without breaking the mould too much.


Anything else?


Yes: you can use video, interactive animation or even a viral game. Drive engagement by getting action – or a reaction – from your audience. Engage people by getting them to do something. Enable your partners to re-use your collateral, digital elements and content. Share your product/company information, news, blogs and other social content… and encourage your partners to share it too!



There are many routes to the end result in the channel and many new media methods that can integrate with the more traditional way(s) of doing things. There are many variables that have to be taken into account, but the end result is essentially the same: engage the audience to a degree that provokes a reaction.


Who says we can’t keep up and make new waves by sailing that marketing ship successfully through the channel?


Brighten your horizons, see what’s happening out there and see how you can transfer it into your channel marketing. And where you (or your agency) are not sure about what’s possible, get in touch with us so we can help you.