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Email marketing – IT STILL WORKS! (You just have to do it properly)

A recent survey carried out by shopping and price comparison website ‘Give as you Live’, suggests that consumers are far more likely to respond to a direct email, than they are a social media post. Well, who’d have thought?!


So, as a follow-on from my last blog where I looked at three top tips on email marketing (‘Targeted, Tailored and Timely’) let’s delve a little deeper, and I will show you how to achieve open and click rates of 50%+ (yes it can really happen!)


Breaking it down, what is email marketing? However we dress it up, what we are looking to do is give people information about us, in a way that is a) easy to deliver and b) easy to receive. No more, no less. Everything else is supplementary. Copy, design, arrangement, email-system, data, links, content, opens, clicks, responses; these are all things we do in order to try and increase the results we get from sending people emails.


There is a familiarity about emails. People actually like them. So why alienate them with things they don’t want? Well, unfortunately there is a problem.


For years we have been ‘telling’ people what we want to tell them. But that is the bit you need to change. To achieve better results in today’s information-heavy world, you need to start ASKING them exactly what they want to know. Give the audience the power. Let them decide what they want to receive from you. And then, deliver that information. It might actually feel a little weird for a bit, but when the results roll in, it will be a whole lot easier to stomach!


It’s not rocket science. It’s actually human science. Behaviour and preference based “email science” if you like. Look at it this way; what would you prefer…to be told what you are getting, or to be asked what you would like? And that’s the simple formula; ASK and DELIVER.


Now then, this might seem a little odd, because it sounds as if there is a whole lot more work involved; collecting all the data, asking people what they want and when, collating the results, creating some kind of process and filtering system, working all the different preferences out.


WRONG! It’s actually really simple, because our friends over at purechannelapps have already done all that hard graft for you. They call it newsondemand. Using smart filtering and audience preferences, newsondemand will simply deliver the news your audience wants to know about, at a time when they want to receive it. And the clever part is that it automatically does everything for you… you don’t even have to build a single email or send it out!


So, let’s cut to the chase, does it work? That’s an easy one…Yes it does. And not just in ‘normal’ email marketing. It works for newsletters and in the channel too where you could have several different audiences to communicate with.


For example, email marketing in the channel has always been a comfort zone, the fall-back, but in recent years it has taken some stick. But that is simply because (in my opinion, I don’t have the stats!) there is too much information, going to everyone in the database.


By targeting, being selective and ultimately asking people what they want, your channel comms will be so much more successful. And with newsondemand, all the filtering and delivery is seamlessly taken care of for you, saving you valuable time and resources previously taken up by creating all sorts of variations of the same email/newsletter. So to sum up, your audience is happy, and you are happy.


And I’m not just saying that to sound flash either, because ‘walking the walk’, our clients are already benefiting massively from newsondemand.


It’s currently working globally for Adobe, managing all their channel partner communications and getting “never-seen-before” open and click rates. It’s working for SAP, globally, managing and filtering the preferences of over 80,000 recipients, delivering the news they want, when they want it. And it’s working for Symantec in a number of locations around the world too.


To find out how we can help improve your email marketing, please get in touch! Either email me or call me direct on 07854 996313.