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Countdown to GDPR

With exactly 12 months to go until the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is enforceable, it is important that you are considering how to get your business ready for May 25th 2018.


GDPR is a set of policies designed to further protect the personal data of individuals and how that data is used. If you work with personal information of individuals within the EU, i.e. most businesses in some way, then it will apply to you.


At purechannels, we are having daily conversations about GDPR and how to communicate the new regulations through the channel at different levels, from both an educational and a product and service perspective. But don’t take our word for it. The following Google Trends diagram clearly show that over the last year, GDPR searches have been on the increase.


Graph showing Google trends for GDPR and Cyber Security

Google Trends May 2017


Given the number of data breaches that have also been in the press recently, combined with the recent global WannaCry ransomwear attack, data vulnerability and the need for enhanced protection is, and must be, a priority. According to the World Economic Forum Global Risk Report 2017, rising cyber dependency is listed as one of the trends that determine global developments. This of course is as a direct result of our increasing digital interconnection of people, predominantly through the sharing of personal data across the globe.


With exactly one year to go until the regulations are enforced, you may be thinking there is plenty of time left to get your ducks in a row. There is not.


Let’s be clear. GDPR does not launch, start or come into play next year. It is already here – it has been for over a year now. May 2018 is when GDPR becomes enforceable… the date by which you need to be compliant by. That means if you haven’t already, you need to start preparing for compliance right now.


There are a number of implications, opportunities and threats to the channel with vendors, disitributors, partners and end users all being affected, and needing to become compliant.


As a channel agency we’ll ensure we are at the forefront of GDPR, for the channel, and will be providing content and sharing insight over the coming weeks and months. We will also be offering guidance, planning, workshops, communication and enablement right through the channel so you can be sure that where the channel is concerned, GDPR is covered.


If you would like to discuss how you can position your product and services around GDPR, educate your distributors/partners, advise your end user customers or generally align your sales and marketing activities with GDPR, please get in touch at or call us on 01424 774 925.