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GN Netcom case studies

Project 1 — To specify, implement and manage the transition to a new partner incentive programme in order to replace a highly successful prepaid VISA card-based scheme.

Background and results

In 2007, purechannels successfully implemented one of the first prepaid VISA card-based channel incentive programmes in the United Kingdom for GN Netcom, a leading supplier of professional headset solutions.

This highly effective scheme – JABRA FREEDOM – ran successfully for two years. Sadly the supporting bank pulled out of the VISA prepaid card market, giving purechannels little time to find a new incentive solution that delivered the same benefits and value to GN Netcom and its partners as the previous scheme.

After researching the market for alternative products, purechannels recommended that GN Netcom switch to using online VISA vouchers, a refreshingly different method of delivering cash based incentives.

Instead of issuing cash onto a prepaid card, purechannels now issues online VISA vouchers or ‘e-cards’ which contain unique VISA numbers similar to that of ‘physical’ VISA cards. Valid for a specified value determined by partner’s sales performance, a JABRA FREEDOME ONLINE e-card can be used as payment for goods or services on any website worldwide wherever VISA is accepted and also over the telephone and via mail order.

GN Netcom approved the new rewards programme and very quickly purechannels set up an online infrastructure for the incentive programme, involving the collation of sales out reports, claim approvals and VISA e-card distribution.

The process is fully secure: partners are issued with an email containing a branded PDF voucher with an activation code; they also receive a SMS/text message with their activation PIN. Using these, partners can obtain their VISA number online whilst their three digit security code (CVV) is issued via another text message to their mobile phones.

The advantages of e-cards over pre-paid cards are now easy to see. E-cards cannot be lost or delayed in the post and because there are no physical cards, there are no creation costs, making the new scheme more cost-effective and easier to manage than the previous incentive. This new solution also gives GN Netcom’s partners a good level of control – given a username and password, e-card recipients can check their incentive accounts online and combine e-cards together if they so wish.

What they said

“The need to change incentive schemes was initially very frustrating but unfortunately unavoidable; however purechannels handled the whole migration for us very well and hundreds of our partners with ease. The new e-card-based scheme is proving to be equally as popular with our partners and we really like the fact that we can brand the scheme and that the overall set up cost was lower than using physical VISA cards”

Sarah Gray, UK Marketing Director, GN Netcom

Project 2 — To recruit 400 new resellers in 2 months.

Background and Results

We exceeded the recruitment target in less than 6 weeks! The client was so pleased with the results they extended the project to include reseller activation calls and they booked us for next year's recruitment campaign.

What They Say

“purechannels proved to be as efficient and cost-effective as they promised. They understood our goals and objectives quickly and over-achieved. I could not have asked for more!”

Sarah Gray, UK Marketing Director, GN Netcom