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Steljes case studies Campaign 1 — To recruit new resellers and enable Steljes to establish a foothold in non-educational markets.

Background and results

With over 20 years experience in technology distribution, Steljes fully embraces new audio visual innovations and fully understands its crowded, dynamic and ever-evolving marketplace.

Fully committed to introducing new technologies and building profitable markets for manufacturers, resellers and distributors, Steljes wanted to re-affirm its justified position as a single source technology expert and value-added distributor.

During consultation, purechannels identified that Steljes has a considerable amount of existing value-add to give to its partners. purechannels recommended that Steljes needed to develop a more personalised and selective approach to its marketing activities and build partner relationships beyond a purchase-exchange transaction.

To realise this objective, our team outlined and project managed a powerful partner recruitment programme which included: partner profiling and research, a new partner presentation, a personalised direct mail piece, a three-wave sequence of personalised e-shots, and an extensive tele-recruitment campaign.

Additionally, purechannels recommended that Steljes leverage its existing market presence by using partner testimonials – a key tool for any partner recruitment campaign. Subsequently, purechannels interviewed a selection of Steljes partners and created five ‘glowing’ case studies, which are now being used in various partner communications to endorse its strengths and to illustrate the benefits of becoming a partner.

Over just a short period of 20 days, we successfully generated 310 leads – including 38 immediate meetings, 190 requests for a follow-up call from a Steljes account manager and 82 requests for further information. The orders have already started to materialise too. Steljes were so delighted that on completion they decided to extend the campaign to ensure that maximum benefit and results were achieved.

What they say

“The expertise, energy and skill of the purechannels campaign managers and in-house telemarketing team are second-to-none. From the outset they fully understood our business and its needs, and armed with that knowledge generated lead after lead after lead. Using integrated direct marketing tactics, this partner recruitment campaign has achieved staggering results, which are now converting into fruitful returns for our business.
Sally Mortimer, Channel Marketing Manager, Steljes Limited

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Campaign 2 — To re-engage with existing but non-actively trading partners.

Background and results

Steljes wanted to re-awaken its dormant partners and motivate them to touch-base, and begin trading again. During the initial meeting, purechannels advised Steljes to stop all communications to these partners, that were typically sent everything active partners received. Instead, purechannels planned, created and implemented a strategic mix of targeted monthly e-newsletters and campaign specific e-shots exclusively aimed at these inactive partners.

purechannels revamped existing Steljes e-marketing material, including an eNewsletter and campaign-specific eBulletins, as well as executing a new delivery schedule specifically devised to optimize returns. purechannels produced compelling and motivating copy to accompany news items and promotions. This content was written to focus on partner benefits and was finely tuned to motivate partners to act.

This new approach to Steljes’ e-communications is working. Within the first half an hour of the monthly e-newsletter being sent, three dormant partners had already logged back into the Steljes partner portal and placed an order!

The results speak for themselves. From monitoring our statistics over the last few e-newsletters, more recipients are opening the e-newsletters each time, with open and click-through rates continually increasing (after the third email, click-through rates had dramatically shot up by 50%!). These response rates are a strong indicator that the overall campaign is effective, the messaging is right and that lapsed and dormant partners have started to wake up.

What they say

“purechannels has transformed the way we conduct our channel e-marketing drives. Our campaigns to this group of customers are now altogether more structured, timely and yielding. purechannels defined a winning strategy, tailoring it to our specific requirements. We listened to their team and are still listening because of their leadership and proven success in the field of channel marketing”.
Sally Mortimer, Channel Marketing Manager, Steljes Limited.

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