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Trend Micro case studies Project 1 — To manage the EMEA partner communications for 24,000 partners in 17 international regions.

Trend Micro needed a consistent and regular method of communicating with its partners in multiple languages across EMEA.

By leveraging Trend Micro's new Partner Relationship Management (PRM) system, which includes an email marketing module, purechannels delivers a fully-outsourced and managed solution to meet the company's partner communication needs.

The services we provide are copywriting, translation, management of the regional approval process, content upload and delivery of the eNewsletters.

Feedback is essential; so in addition we also provide Trend Micro with full email management reporting by extracting and customising the delivery information provided by Trend Micro's PRM tool.

What they say

“purechannels provides us with a completely managed and localised partner communication solution. It's so easy — with no hassle and minimal internal resources required from Trend Micro, they help us communicate regularly and effectively with 24,000 partners on a multi-lingual basis.”

Simon Denman, Marketing Director, EMEA

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Project 2 — To manage all inbound email enquiries from partners across Europe.

Prior to approaching purechannels, Trend Micro managed its partner email helpdesk internally and was looking to free internal resources and to improve response times.

purechannels provides Trend Micro with a fully-centralised and managed email helpdesk service, handling inbound sales and marketing queries generated via the Trend Micro Affinity partner portal for all of its 24,000 partners across EMEA.

We ensure that Trend Micro's partners receive answers to a wide range of queries in multiple languages, directly where at all possible or by escalating to the best point of contact within the appropriate region.

What they say

“purechannels understands our PRM system inside out and have taken away the resource-intensive task of inbound enquiry management for us. They respond to partners on our behalf without delay, which enables us to uphold excellent levels of partner service and helps to keep our partners as productive as possible.”

Adrian Marsh, Head of SMB and Channel Sales, EMEA.

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Project 3 — To specify, create and implement a dynamic and intuitive online partner locator tool.

Trend Micro offers its end-users the ability to search for a partner/reseller via its corporate website. The original directory-based system had served its purpose; the system was very one-dimensional and static – purely listing from ‘top’ partners on a geographical basis and partners themselves couldn’t change or update any details relating to their listing.

Setting out to implement a new partner locator solution, Trend Micro issued a tender for the project to a number of marketing agencies, purechannels being one of them.

With an in depth understanding of channel dynamics, purechannels proposed a partner locator solution that would competently deliver all the key functionality in Trend Micro’s original brief with additional benefits and value. Trend Micro selected purechannels for the project and asked us to go ahead and develop a new solution based on our first and innovative proposal.

The partner locator itself was modeled around an approach used mainly in B2C environments – such as Google AdWords or Amazon – where data intelligence is used to present the visitor with the most valuable and relevant information wherever possible.

Instead of merely listing partners by geography, Trend Micro’s partners now achieve listings ranked by priority. These priority-based listings are determined by a matrix of factors including partner tier and certifications, as well as product specialisation, market segmentation and trading activity. The new system is completely dynamic – Trend Micro can ‘weight’ any of these factors to determine exactly how it wants partners to be ranked.

End–users have welcomed the new locator experience as the system is linked to real-time sales data, so not only are they matched with partners in their location (by city, region, postcode), but also in their market (home office, SMB, etc) and with the best-fit skills and experience to meet their needs.

Partners are highly satisfied with the new system too – the system is ‘content-manageable’ so they can update their listing themselves, with the ability to add or change information such as their logo, a small company profile, location details, geographical reach and key contact information as required. This has also enabled Trend Micro to improve its level of partner intelligence, as the system motivates partners to update their information regularly.

In a period of just three months, purechannels defined, specified and built a new PLT for Trend Micro. Within a month of launch, the volume of partners updating their profile had increased by 215% and within 9 months the site had 1,800 users per week, 75% being new visitors.

What They Say

“With an inherent understanding of our business processes, purechannels took our brief and delivered beyond it in a very short space of time. Our new partner locator tool not only delivers clear, accurate and valuable partner information to the end user community, it also enables end users to find their most suitable partner very quickly and simply, which ultimately means new sales of Trend Micro products are more likely to be realised.”

Karen Holland, Senior Manager, Partnership Programme Office, EMEA, Trend Micro.

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