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Channel Communications

Creating and delivering intelligent information through effective two-way partner communications.

Channel communication services from purechannels

You’re very likely to communicate with your partners in some form, be it via email, mail or your business partner portal. You know that maintaining communications with your channel is vital. However, working out what your partners want to hear is tough and creating an effective mix of motivating and informative communications is a challenge.

purechannels works with vendors to create compelling, relevant and consistent channel communications. We have the skills and expertise to help you communicate effectively with your partners, be it in multiple media formats, countries or languages.

Working with our team of online digital marketing experts, purechannels helps channel organisations to achieve top rankings in the major search engines using proven SEO techniques. We also understand how to build structured and effective pay-per-click (PPC) online ad campaigns with major search engines, targeting ‘long tail’ keywords to maximise returns on your investment.

Tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are now part of our channel communications ‘tool box’, and purechannels understands how to help you harness their reach to interact with your target audience and to share your knowledge and expertise.

Our social media content service is designed to provide you with an extra pair of hands to create and manage valuable content that is relevant, timely and suitable for your audience.

purechannels is experienced in delivering persuasive channel messaging that elicits a desired action and we know how to deliver messaging that is measurable. We can help you to: