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Let your customers do the talking

Did you know buyers trust 'people like them' more than they trust you?

Are you using the trusted voice of your customers, employees and partners to influence your buyers?

Let us help you.

Advocacy: why care?

When was the last time you chose a holiday… or purchased a new car without reading a review from other customers? IT buyers are no different. In fact:

  • CIOs make purchasing decisions 25% faster when supplied with a reference.
  • Technology providers can reduce sales cycles by 30-40% by providing credible ROI evidence.

Using the trusted voice of your own happy customers, employees and channel partners to enhance your sales and marketing outreach wins more business, more quickly, at a lower cost. Simply because advocacy builds credibility and trust better than you can alone.

How can purechannels help?

Advocates can be your employees, your end–users AND your channel partners - they all have a powerful voice. And in our digital age, with advocates holding such a sway over decision making, harnessing the power of advocates and getting their voice found and heard is imperative.

We can help you to:

  • IDENTIFY the right champions that will underpin your messaging.
  • ENGAGE deeply with advocates with mutually beneficial activities.
  • ENABLE your own people to nominate and share the voice of your customers.
  • CREATE compelling, business value driven advocacy content in multiple formats.
  • AMPLIFY your customer stories internally and externally across multiple channels.

Case Study

Making the successful shift from hardware reseller to solutions partner is often a challenge. Find out how VMware is using channel advocacy to share a pioneering partner’s blueprint for success in EMEA.

Download the Case Study

Who is advocacy for?

Of course, your prospects want to hear from your happy customers to affirm their choices. But other audiences can be greatly influenced by customer success too.

Your employees want to hear about wins, best-practice and happy customers. Chest beating is an invaluable motivator and employee advocates are immensely powerful. Give them a voice too.

Your customers want to know what other customers are doing with your stuff (they may not know!). You can also help them to raise the profile of their own IT success story in their own organisation too. Wow, now that's value.

Your channel partners are driving success where the rubber hits the road. Capture this best practice and joint customer success in multi-media content and share internally and externally to create more channel buzz and ultimately more business.

The power of advocacy is here. Find out how to harness it with purechannels.

For more information on 'pureadvocacy' from purechannels, please contact us.