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puresocial: social media marketing in the channel


Do you have the time, expertise, resource and knowledge to cope with the ever-changing demands of the (new) social world?

Do you know exactly how to get the best results from using social media in your channel, to and through your partners?

Let us help you.

Social Media Marketing Training

We provide introductory help via our uniquely created social media marketing training programme. We can deliver it for you virtually, in person or both. We can either assist you and your staff with our workshops and webinars, or you can help you to by re-branding our training programme so you can provide it to your partners as an extra partner benefit.

Brands currently benefitting from our bespoke training programmes include:

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Social Media Content

We create content for a number of our clients in different forms for using in different places. We can help you by assessing your current content and making recommendations; from creating original social media posts, blogs and news items, to whitepapers, case-studies, videos, animations and everything in between. We can even use your existing content to ensure a steady flow of content filtering through your social media accounts.

Brands we are currently creating content for include:

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Social Media Amplification: socialondemand®

When you know what to do and have good content, you want to get it out there! So what better way to do this, than by using the best amplification software on the market: socialondemand. Quickly and easily, you can use your third parties (partners, distributors, advocates, journalists, employees) to re-post your content out to their networks! You reach a much bigger audience, start having more conversations and your third parties get quality, regular original content from you. Everybody wins.

Brands currently using socialondemand include:

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For more information on 'puresocial' from purechannels, please contact us.