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Channel Rewards

Proactively reaching and influencing your sales channels.

Channel Rewards Services from purechannels

Be they distributors, resellers or xSPs, gaining mindshare within your partner base is a challenge. There's an ethical dilemma about offering the right mix of incentives — do you go for more marketing funding and support or create channel sales incentives focused on sales individuals?

We believe that a healthy mix of direct and indirect incentives will enable you to maximise mindshare within your partners, rewarding individuals for focus and delivering value-added support to the partner as a whole.

When it comes to incentivising individuals, there's a further dilemma. Toasters, Plasma TVs, driving muddy landrovers for a day… certain things turn on certain people. However, there's one thing that makes everyone sit up and listen… money. People like the freedom and flexibility to choose.

That's why purechannels, in partnership with one of the most trusted financial institutions in the UK, can help you to promote your brand and build channel loyalty via our unique prepaid VISA debit card offering.

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