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Channel Strategy

Building the optimal channel through research, analysis and planning.

Channel strategy services from purechannels

To build an effective channel, you cannot overlook the critical stage of pre-planning and investigation that is essential to understanding which partners are going to provide you with the best route-to-market. Whether you are looking to build a channel from scratch or to restructure an existing one, purechannels understands how to help vendors reduce their risk and optimise returns when building a channel of partners.

There are many critical angles to consider before going headlong into a channel partner recruitment campaign. Which partners have the best-fit skills and market reach for your organisation for example? What other solutions are these kinds of partners offering and would you get the mind-share you need within the partner? Do these partners have a gap in their portfolio that you can fill with a differentiated yet complementary offering?

Armed with a firm understanding of your corporate objectives, purechannels can help you to answer these kinds of questions and to: