Blog: 26-07-18

Artificial Intelligence and The Channel

According to Professor Jack Copeland, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is usually defined as the science of making computers do things that require human intelligence.

We are a far cry from Steven Spielberg’s 2000 film AI, but have most certainly come on in leaps and bounds, with even the likes of Elon Musk stating that artificial intelligence could be humanity’s greatest existential threat, this time by starting a third world war.

We believe we are a long way from facing those kinds of problems, but it cannot be denied that AI is infiltrating technology at a rapid rate. From the speech recognition technology tied into devices like Siri and Amazon Echo pushing voice searches up to 20-25% of all searches, through to virtual agents and machine learning platforms deployed into APIs.

At a recent cybersecurity conference, two-thirds of industry professionals questioned said they thought the first AI-enhanced cyberattack could come in the next 12 months. That being the case, major IT companies are rapidly incorporating AI technology into their software, particularly around cybersecurity solutions.

While most of the early adopters of AI are enterprises, that landscape is quickly changing as the technology increasingly becomes embedded in software applications and vendors make AI available as services via the cloud.

The IT channel of course has a tremendous opportunity to capitalise on AI technology as part of their overall solutions. With consultative selling increasingly in demand, managed services, the cloud and now AI are a reality that every solution provider must deal with, whether offering them as part of their portfolio or competing against them in their markets.

According to Research and Markets the AI market is expected to be worth 16 Billion USD by 2022, with a Narrative Science survey discovering last year that 38% of enterprises surveyed are already using AI in some way within their business.

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